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Welcome to Kolijo River House


Welcome to Kolijo River House. My name is Leanne Drew and this website is my hub, my base for online journeys.

It is my passion to share our lifestyle with the world, to encourage more tourists to the area and to help our local community thrive and prosper through increased exposure.

Situated in Tropical Nth Queensland, Australia, our lifestyle abounds with much beauty and fun, interesting things to do and see.  I share my passion of learning and using new technology and visual effects to showcase our area, and those living and working within.

Kolijo is in Tropical North Queensland, Australia,

1/2 way between Mackay and Proserpine. 

The Calen District encompasses all of these and much more:

  • Beaches, rivers, fishing, crabbing and whale spotting
  • Rainforests, crystal clear creeks, birdlife, flora and fauna
  • Sunny, warm,  winter days and crisp clear  nights perfect for a fire
  • Sugar cane farms grow tall and bright, and then harvest time begins
  • Thriving arts and crafts community and markets
  • Yearly music festival and fishing competition
  • Adventure tracks for the motor bike and 4WD enthusiasts

My aim is to promote us through the web, with new technology.

Throughout this site you will find a growing collection of photos, videos, audio blogs and live periscopes……I get very excited about new technology, such as periscope, who knows what is yet to come?

Be sure to search #calendistrictrocks #Kolijo #sthelensgardens on all your social media to see more pics. We would love you to please use these #’s on your stay too, and share your special moments.

Kolijo River

Kolijo River In Full Flight


Sugar Cane pic

Sugar Cane Glowing in the Sun


The yearly cutting of the cane constantly changes our landscape.

Each year the beginning and ending of “The Crush” depends on weather conditions, so it is wise to be aware when to watch out for activities such as slow moving tractors on the road, and long cane trains rattling across the tracks.

The Kolijo Tree

“The Kolijo Tree” on the Bruce Highway



A fantastic tree overhangs the highway, just South of Kolijo.

When I see her I know I’m home, and have un-officially named her “The Kolijo Tree.”

Other locals call her the Home tree. The sense of community is fantastic, as good as the scenery!



I also invite you to check out the links to my other sites…

As I said earlier, this is my home base.

Art Websites:




Lyn Olsen is a very talented acrylic artist who lives locally, and is also my Mum.


Together we are creating Lyn Olsen a growing array of services where you can learn to create or purchase your own stunning paintings. Be it art for therapy, reviving a long lost passion for painting, or to increase you library of techniques Lyn and I can help you.

Of course you can also purchase paintings, prints or contact Lyn for you very own commissioned piece.


Mining Blog

Our area is also close to the Bowen Basin Coal Mines. Many miners and their families live in the Calen District, and I too am a coal miner as my “Day Job.” To learn more of what it is like to live the mining lifestyle, how to become a miner yourself I invite you to head to :



mad mumzieThis is where my alter ego as a writer is at home. A strong focus and yet another passion of mine is to encourage and educate women to think of working in traditionally male dominated roles. My love of technology ensures new ways to devour the info, such as audio blogs, live periscopes, and the “Beers with a Miner” podcast.  

I interview people working in the mining and resources industries to share their stories, along with my own to help us all to thrive and survive in our workplace covering mind, body, spirit and money issues.


As you can see my interests are many and varied! Yes I am a little crazy and very busy. I am however having fun learning using and sharing my outlook on life and my online journey.

Please continue to have a look around Kolijo River House to get a feel of our #Calendistrictrocks lifestyle, and plan your next visit. If there is anything I can help you with please head to the contact page for ways to get in touch with me.

Stay safe, stay happy, and enjoy life now, for we only live once.



7 Responses to About Us

  1. Marie Giess says:

    Hi Leanne – congratulations on your new site. As you know, through our hotel brochure, I have been promoting Calen and surrounding areas, what to do and where to go. Great to see someone else picking up on it as well. Good luck with it all.

    • Leanne says:

      Thanks Marie- It will be good to be able to have the pub back, so you can hand out the brochures again. Its Getting there now, very exciting. Our area needs all the help we can collectively muster, which will in the long run benefit everyone. Cheers.

    • marie hayes says:

      just couldnt resist sticking my nose in love to you and clarry still think of st helens and calen as home love to all marie.
      (guess who???)

  2. brian-I am the dad !!!! says:

    thats great .! love your photo. lynda showed me your you tube cane train-unreal , the ideas just keep coming eh !

    • Leanne says:

      Thanks Dad. Its only just beginning, you should see all the ideas inside my head lol… Is so much fun learning, and growing and improving, and sharing it with my KolijoRiverHouse tribe. thanks heaps for all your support.

  3. Vic Haselich says:

    Well done Leanne! I have found your website and Newsletters very interesting and informative – right fromthe start. (As an ex “Calen-ite” i am always interested to know what’s happening in my “old” stamping grounds, especially since similar promised information is no longer coming from the school.) From here on – like a good wine – it can only mature and get better and better.

    • Leanne says:

      Thanks Vic. I am enjoying getting to know you, like a good wine, through your comments and email replies on the Inside the Tribe newsletter. You are a breathe of fresh air, and I love hearing your stories about our area back in the day as they say. Your support is most welcome. Cheers.

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