Alfie Langer Checks out our New Pub

Pub owner Clarrie is a mad Brisbane Broncos fan and mates with Alfie, famous Broncos, Queensland and Australian player

Allan Langer, affectionately known as “Alfie” in Queensland Rugby League circles, called into the new Calen Hotel recently.

Calen Hotel Alfie Langer

Over the years it has become tradition for Alfie to call in to catch up with Clarrie, MarieCalen Hotel Alfie Langer2 and the locals. The Calen school brings a few lucky kids up to say gidday, have their photo taken and a few autographs from the legendary footballer.

This visit was a little different however. Since Alfie had last been through our area,  a brand new pub now stands where the old one was, following the rebuild after the fire in 2012.

Alfie had a nice tasty lunch at M’Lanes restaurant, photos with school kids and also posed with some big kids lurking in the bar!

Checking out the Broncos and Queenslander memorabilia with a very proud Clarrie, Alfie jumped up on a stool and left the first “Graffiti” in the new pub.

No blue tack allowed, but Alfie gets to write with nicko pen over the main exit doors of the front bar. Love it!!

Calen Hotel Graffiti

First Mark on the new pub!!

Pub Owner Marie, said at the Grand Opening  that they tried to keep a little character of the old pub. Incorporating the fence in the front bar and some rescued items like the old flag and memorabilia has helped.

She also shared that the true character of the pub comes with the people. The old stories, the good ol days.  “Where were you when the pub burnt down?”

Today was another day of building new stories, new character with many years of character building still to come.






















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  1. brian-I am the dad !!!! says:

    full of famous people dropping in eh!

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