Anzac Day 2014 Follow up

Anzac Day..April 25, 2014

Calen Cadets

Up early for another Dawn Service in Calen. This year I was running about two minutes late, and missed the diggers marching in.

A lesson learned from years gone by, I decided to park my car out the front of the Calen Butchery on the Highway and walk around. A wry smile passed when I saw, or should I say heard, other locals rock up a bit late, and have to do the drive and park, whilst we were all standing in silence. No matter, it was good to see our community come together to honour this special day.

Calen RSL Honour Board

Too many families have lost members in our area. Lest we forget.

Calen RSL

Calen RSL as the Sun began to rise on the Dawn Service







After some breakfast, and a chat I headed home for a wee rest, before returning for the 11am March past. I was asked by the RSL to take some pics and video, so the pressure was on! No Rum and milk for me!!

It was a tad warm, and I wished I had worn my hat, but it was all worth it see young and old coming out to show their respects, and support our veterans.

The March came past the Calen Hotel to the cheers of a good crowd of onlookers. It was two years ago this weekend that the Calen Hotel burned to the ground. She shone in all her new glory as the sunrise came up, sitting proud across the street from the Calen RSL Hall.

Calen Hotel at Dawn Service

After burning to the ground 2 years prior, our new pub stood proud on Anzac Day!

I then realised if I ran up to the school I would be able to video the end of the March, and get some more shots…so off I bolted!!

Kolijo Paparazzi in Calen

Paparazzi. Should wear a hat!!

Tripod over my shoulder, still wishing I had a hat, who should I pass sitting on their verandah watching all the action?

None other than Bec, the Editor of our Rural Recorder and her family…I continued running and took a photo on the hop, literally as I was in full flight. I was very surprised to see that it worked, but not surprised at all to see they were all laughing at me! What a site running with my camera and tripod…”Calen paparazzi!!”

One of the Calen school kids waved, and said to those around them,

“Smile to the camera lady”

I had to stop and get them in after that!

What an awesome day was had by all. It was great to see 3 local lads in uniform, marching for the first time after only a couple of months in Cadets. Each Monday afternoon after school they head into Mackay for training. Returning well after their school night bedtime, the dedication both they, and their parents are showing to continue is fantastic to see.

They did a great job, but I may be a little biased as my grandson was one of them! The diggers treated them with great respect and taught them a few lessons on the day.

Lessons from the Diggers

Nice effort there boys, but this is how it is done!

Lofty sharing how to measure the distance of rolling up your sleeves from the elbow was priceless.

I was a very proud Nanna that day, but also very proud and honoured to be a member of this community.

The evening before Anzac Day I managed to put pen to paper and share a few of my family connections, and my feelings on this special day.


If you are interested head over to for a few more of my thoughts on this very powerful Aussie tradition.

Also if you would like to contact me about seeing the video or any pictures, please feel free to do so. There were many family members with their trusty iPhone  etc. lining the streets, so I am sure most of you have your own lovely record of the day.

Next year will be the 100 year anniversary, and I am sure Calen will be going off!! Get involved wherever you are, and let’s keep this tradition rolling for another 100 years.

Cheers, Leanne Profile PicLeanne


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