Anzac Day 2014…a few thoughts

Anzac Day 2014

As I write this I am sitting outside my little cane cutters cottage, overlooking Kolijo River, St Helens Creek, the cane fields, my favourite palm tree and rainwater tank in the foreground of Eungella range, with a few clouds and the sun beginning to set. The ambiance of my distraction free writing app music playing in the background. The birds are twittering, traffic is going by on the Bruce Highway, and oh yes a train just tooted it’s notice of passing through. This is Kolijo, and I love it.

After a day inside on the computer it was time to get up, step away, grab a beer and have a stroll around my gardens. This should be a peaceful, relaxing affair, alas it was not. Many jobs awaiting attention and weeds growing longer as I look at them. Instead I chose to sit down here in this lovely spot, listen to some lounge music and write a few words. Hmm yes…back on a computer! but at least I am outside in the fresh air.

My reflections are drifting towards the life that is available to us in Australia, 2014. We certainly are the lucky country, albeit straining a little with big job losses across many industries at the moment. We will bounce back, and help each other out through hard times, of that I have no doubt. It is the “Australian Way.”

Tomorrow is April 25th …..Anzac Day

This is a time to reflect on the life we lead here in Australia, and those who fought for our way of life to be treasured and honoured, as sacred ground, not to be toyed with. There are still many of our fellow Aussies out there, helping to keep the world at peace, and protect Australia as we know it.  Also many young men and women, girls and boys, are training hard just “in case” they are needed, or for a future life involving the armed forces. My twelve year old grandson is now one of them.Anzac Day

Along with his mate, they signed up for Cadets in the Australian Army. Could I be any more proud as a Nanna than I will be tomorrow morning, when firstly they stand at the dawn service in uniform, before finally marching in the parade at 11am?

I think not, however he is still young and the world is his oyster. Thanks to diggers previous and currently serving our great nation, we are still filled with endless opportunities to thrive and prosper, and have a happy fulfilling life.

Of course it would not be a life long “adventure” if adversity did not cross our path occasionally. It is how we deal with these events that helps us to learn, grow and become stronger in such a way to then pass on our lessons to future generations.

My Puppa fought in World War Two. Drove an ammunition truck. Can you imagine the fear of the unknown for his young wife at home carrying, and then giving birth to his first daughter whilst he was giving service to our country? I for one cannot. I know what it is like when friends and family go out for a week to work at the mines. That is worry enough in my world. Too many people lose their lives on our roads just heading to and from site. Mining itself is a dangerous job, and sadly two people just last week passed away in an underground mine in NSW.

How many lives have been lost in wars, and training to keep us safe?

Way too many!

Luckily my Puppa did manage to make it home, albeit a different man, with injuries and the memories of the horrors of war. He did have an extra special reason to come home, to see his daughter, who was now ten months old. His hat sat at the table with them every evening for dinner, and she knew the man in the photo was called “Dadda.” However on his arrival in trench coat and hat, all hell broke loose as this stranger tried to pick her up. With a fear of men in hats, and not knowing who he was, of course this was to be expected.

How hard must that have been for this proud returning soldier? Sadly, stories similar to this were taking part all over our country, and even worse, there was no “fear of the man in a hat” for some kids whose “Dadda” never came back.

So tomorrow, my Grandson will attend his first march, in uniform. I know my tears will flow, as they usually do, standing in silence in the early hours of a crisp Australian autumn morning. To feel the energy of those surrounding you, the diggers standing proud with medals adorning their chest, and especially of those men and women passed who we are here to honour on this very special day, is a yearly event to be treasured.

The haunting sounds of The Last Post playing, cutting, through the silence, be it from a soldier playing the bugle, or played on a CD, no matter, it is Anzac Day and we stand proud to be Australian on this very special day.

Now off to the early opener at the local watering hole, some rum and milk, breakfast and a game of two up!!

Watching as diggers past revive their comradeship, share stories, and inspire us all, especially the youth of our proud nation.

Here’s to you, and may we see you at the parade for many many more years to come.

Anzac Day 2014…Follow Up

Cheers, LeanneLeanne Profile Pic

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6 Responses to Anzac Day 2014…a few thoughts

  1. Lyn Olsen says:

    So beautifully written Leanne, the fallen soldiers would be honoured to read your thoughts and grateful that you expressed your feelings in such a lovely way. I hope the youth of today remember the fallen on Anzac Day, as I know they will. Well done.

    • Leanne says:

      Thanks so much Lyn. It was a very emotional build up, and the day was fantastic. From what I witnessed yesterday there is no chance of the youth not continuing this tradition, and respect for how our country was, and continues to be so special, and why that continues. The Cadets were a perfect showing of that, the respect they showed to our diggers was fantastic, and to see other younger kids keen to join too was great to see! Cheers

  2. brian-I am the dad !!!! says:

    there is no doubt weall relate to ANZAC DAY with reference to family here and past stories . That is why it will always mean so much to all aussies. Great to hear your relationship to the day.

    • Leanne says:

      It is good to see that the day is only becoming stronger in the hearts of Australians Dad. I know a few years ago there was a train of thought that support may begin to dwindle as older diggers pass. However the opposite is proving to be true, great news. Cheers x

  3. tremain says:

    The cadets today done an awesome job, so proud to see them in uniform and they certainly impressed us diggers.

    • Leanne says:

      They certainly did a fantastic job, as did all the diggers. I was very impressed to see how special the diggers made the boys feel, and the many lessons and tips shared as the day unfolded. Thank you, as a Nanna of one of the Cadets it was a heartwarming and emotional day for many reasons. I also heard of younger kids keen to join Cadets which is a great sign for the future. Cheers

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