Anzac Day Calen 2015 100 Years

Anzac Day Calen. 2015 “Lest We Forget.”

Anzac Day Calen was well attended with many locals gathered to honour our past and present diggers.

Like the rest of Australia, we too had increased numbers for the services. It was a bit brisk for the dawn service, but not super cold. With no breeze, the stars shining brightly and a nice sized crowd gathered, the special day began. There was however a notable absentee.

Anzac Day Calen 2015

Only the 2nd Dawn service Imissed in 25 years!! Darn Alarm clock


One local digger missed the dawn service! Alarm issues I believe, and only the second time in 25 years. He did manage to drag himself down for the beer and sausage sizzle, however his attire was not up to his usual standard for this special occasion.

No suit, instead a flanny and thongs and looking a little rough around the edges.  It was good to see him frocked up for the 11am service and march past.

He will never live this one down that’s for sure! Love ya style Leo x



Anzac Day Calen Memorial Hall.

With such a still day the Australian flag would not “flutter” for a good shot. I asked -can do anything- Peter WrightCalen Anzac Day kolijo River House-28 to please sort that out for me! No amount of waving and blowing would unfurl the flag. Never mind, it was a perfect Queensland autumn day, with vibrant blue skies and a warm afternoon.

The march was a crowd favourite with spectators lining McIntyre St. Leo, looking splendid in his white shirt and dress pants, was handing out poppies.

For the first time I placed one for my Puppa on behalf of our family. It was an emotional moment for me, like many others. I headed back to my camera as the pipe band led the way. They were followed by local diggers, community groups and the school kids took up the rear, waving their Aussie flags.


Anzac Day Calen 2015It’s always nice to see the kids so involved, and young babies and toddlers attending for the first time. Good on all the parents for helping to share the importance of this day. I reckon it will continue for many years to come. Home and Away did a great job in helping the younger generations understand too! Good on ya Alf.

I got a shot of Bec, our Rural Recorder editor, and family watching the march go past their place as I ran up the road for pics of the end of the march. Phew! The afternoon continued at the school with some yummy food, drinks and fun activities. It was great to see the pool open and the slip and slide in action. The kids certainly enjoyed cooling off in the water. It looked like a few adults needed a dip too on a hot day, me included. At least I remembered my hat this year!

Heading to the Calen Hotel to get some more pics, I was delighted to be there when the pipe band parked anzac day calen 2015themselves on the footpath, and played up a storm for the patrons. Marie, Clarrie and Za were enjoying it too. I recorded some great video, as did many others on their iPhone and iPads. What a perfect way to finish off the day. Oh, and I won 2 meat trays with just one ticket in the goose club, happy days.

Click on any picture below to open the gallery for more pictures of the day. Also head to Anzac Day 2014

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  1. Lyn Olsen says:

    Beautiful images of a memorable day. 🙂

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