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I would like to share with you a valuable free resource for all your taxation needs.

Julia Hartman has been my accountant for a few years now, and she really knows her stuff. Her book “Winning Property Tax Strategies” co written with well known financial expert Noel Whittaker is a must have bible for all things property investing.

Check out Julia in an interview with Property Investor recently

The Bantacs website is a content filled resource. Plenty of free, downloadable info booklets on retirees, miners, and even claiming your trip around Australia. Check it out here:

Each year she packs up her dogs, her van and trailer and heads out on the road to “work.”

At tax time her clients are booked ahead so a trip can be planned. Julia frequents our area also, and last year after a few hours at The River House, a storm, a splendid evening was had a the St Helens Gardens Tourist Park next door.

You can check out her website for all things tax and money, and maybe contact for your very own visit this year.

For the latest news on all things tax as they unfold, head to this link for the twice monthly “newsflash!”



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