Best Christmas Day Ever

Christmas is upon us once again. It comes up so fast every year!

Do you like our Kolijo River House Tree decorations?

Kolijo Christmas Tree

I had a play with some new photography software this afternoon. A bit of fun and a lot easier than doing it on the Bruce Highway, however that would be awesome one year!

For us Christmas Day is now a little different than it was twelve years ago. It was one very hot Christmas Day that my daughter gave birth to my grandson.


A Few Highlights:

  • Twisties out of the vending machine for lunch, when there were prawns and ham at home. (Even the Kiosk was closed)
  • Sitting in the air conditioning at the hospital, whilst other family members sweltered at home awaiting news.
  • The filthy look my daughter gave me in her yellow hospital gown when in labour. It was hotShe was looking at a Christmas present I had just given her to unwrap. (Proved it was Christmas Day is now my reasoning.)
  • Discovering how hot it was when we left the cool of the hospital and stepped outside into the hottest Christmas on record at the time. “Boom!”
  • The best Christmas present ever, our baby boy, first in a family of girls.

Every year we continue to try and make the special day, extra special. Not just Christmas but to make the birthday boy’s day.

A badge with birthday boy on it helps people realise it is in fact his birthday. This usually leads them to ask:

“Is it really your birthday?” unfortunately most follow with “Oh you poor thing!”

This was actually said to him today at lunch with friends. I laughed because I had began the draft for this blog post.

We have always been very conscious to make sure he feels like it’s his birthday, and we do our best to have birthday as well as Christmas cheer.

Eating birthday cake on Christmas Day


Yes usually we have a fruit Birthday cakecake and pavlova too! A birthday cake with candles, presents wrapped in Happy Birthday paper and some birthday cash to spend in the cards from the relies, help as he is getting older.


Do you know anyone born on Christmas Day? If you do, what is your reaction? Poor thing, or how special?

Being a glass half full person myself I try to find the positive for him. I think the worst thing is not having a birthday party on his actual birthday. Who does these days anyway? We wait until its the weekend or we are not at work or school?

When he was little we had his birthday in July for a few years. His “half year” birthday. Since Christmas in July has become more commercialised and frankly a little annoying, we made the most of it. He is a Christmas boy afterall.

However when he became old enough he knew it was not really his birthday and started saying

“But its not my birthday. My birthday is on Christmas!”

It was so cute, we granted his wish. I think maybe as he gets older he will change his mind, so he can have a birthday party all of his own. Only time will tell…..

If its your birthday on Christmas Day, or you know someone else, help them to feel special like we do for our treasured Christmas gift from all those years ago.

“No more twisties for Christmas Lunch!!”

It’s Prawns, ham, chicken and mud crabs, washed down with a few beers, followed by ice-cream birthday cake, pavlova and maybe… fruit cake and custard.  Perhaps a game of backyard cricket and a Nanna nap.

Then it’s time for new years resolutions and hitting the gym!

I would like to close with my most sincere wishes to you, your family and friends, and hope you all have a fantastic and safe Christmas in 2013.

Please leave a comment and share your Christmas Day stories. I would love to hear them, especially any birthday ideas for “Special” people born on this day.

Stay safe, be real, be special and have fun, for we only live once! ..And Merry Christmas.

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3 Responses to Best Christmas Day Ever

  1. Stacy Kidd says:

    My hubby is born on Chrissy day as well. We do separate birthday and Xmas presents for him and a birthday cake as well. Parties are not a huge thing but we try to have a get together with friends when we can.

    • Leanne says:

      Glad to hear you make his day special too Stacy. What did your hubby do for a party when he was a kid? How did his family handle his birthday being at Christmas. ?

  2. brian-I am the dad !!!! says:

    good blog !!! i know you will all be having a MERRY xmas xxxxxx

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