Best Pet Advice & Service

Hands down the best Vet’s in our area.

Fantastic service, professional and friendly.

We have had the unfortunate case of needing these guys and girls a couple of times over the years for emergency dog help.

Goddy, our mini foxy became very ill after having her first litter of pups. Also as I write this, our Big goofy dog! Toya was bitten by a snake.

However we were not sure that it actually was a snake bite, because came good very quickly and was eating and doing normal things.

Hours later the paralysis and convulsions began.Snake Bite Toya at Vets

This can be a very common presentation for snake bite. We did not know this, and the time delay meant Toya was in real strife.

When we realised Toya was not well an emergency dash to the vet was required.

A 35 minute drive with our special Toya becoming paralyzed, foaming at the mouth and convulsing. I rang the vet to warn them of our arrival. A tiny girl came out of the surgery immediately and carried the 45kg dog inside. We all to this day do not know how she managed this act, weighing not much more than that herself. Adrenalin was the only answer.

Toya was rushed into the emergency treatment area, for confirmation, yes this was indeed a snake bite. If we hurried they may be able to save her, however there were no guarantees.

“Please do whatever it takes to save her!”

Toya was on a ventilator for three days with around the clock care because the paralysis was so bad she could not even blink her eyes. Drips, antibiotics, eyes drops to prevent abscesses and much love and tender care from the nurses and vets.

With the hopes and prayers of friends and family, and also the fantastic staff at Valley Vet she looked like pulling through.  The pneumonia threat was averted, she could finally hold her head up on her own. After some more rest and fluids Toya slowly began to improve, and with each twice daily visit hope was rising that she should be ok!!

“Home day tomorrow, fingers crossed.”

Toya walked out of the vet about 5 days later. We all cried and laughed and hugged with joy. Much to the amusement of the full Saturday morning waiting room of various dogs and cats and their owners. As soon as she finished her magnificent, majestic, proud walk out the door, she sat down and had to be carried to the car! But she was coming home with us.

Her arrival home has been fantastic, and after a few days of rest and recovery she is back Toya at Valley Vetsto her old self again.

Snake deterrent radar spikes, building in under the house and a more vigilant, almost cotton wool approach with the dogs is now keeping those horrible snakes at bay!

A trip back to Valley Vets was imminent, as was a  thank you poster for their wall from all of us.

Whether you are a local, or passing through, in need of emergency service (they have after hours contact) or updating vaccinations, I highly recommend Kim and all the staff at Valley Vet Walkerston.

Toya at Valley Vets

Thanks Kim and all the Team!!

Please check out their website. It is truly chock full of information, pictures and even a free e-book to download.

In two convenient locations…..

Turn off the Bruce highway just south of Kuttabul for a nice drive through to Marian..Past the soon to be open Woolworths Supermarket and head to Walkerston. Valley Vet is right across the road from the Walkerston Woolworths.

14 Dutton Street  Walkerston (07) 49 592099

36 Brisbane St Mackay. (07) 4951 3799

Like them on Facebook too… just click here: Vet Facebook Page

Tell them Toya, Goddy and Dennis sent you!!



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2 Responses to Best Pet Advice & Service

  1. Lyn Olsen says:

    What a lovely article Leanne, one that makes me, as a pet owner to take stock and be more aware of snakes. We must get some snake deterrents also before it is too late. Our little dogs are elderly and wouldn’t stand a chance if bitten by a snake. Well done Toya for being young and a big, strong dog and a big thankful to Valley Vets for saving one of our family members. Your service to the community is second to none. 🙂

  2. Leanne says:

    Thanks Lyn. Yes it was a tough time for all concerned, and it’s now snake season once again. Be on the lookout everyone, and remember have your local Vet number handy for prompt advice and service.

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