“On The Road” Books

I am always gathering an array of books that I find very interesting.

Perhaps you will too?

They are all pretty cheap, and most can be downloaded straight to your iPad or kindle, some have hard covers also.

Even though they are not strictly from our area, they do still show great adventures on the road in this great land of Australia.

Recipe books that we can all use right here at home with a new twist on some old favourite ingredients.

Click on the the book for more info and to purchase if you think you will enjoy it.

**Australian and New Zealand shoppers now need to purchase kindle books on Amazon.com.au no affiliate links for that sight but great place to purchase.

In this digital age this truly is the new way. One of these books is under $1.00 and because it is digital, no postage added on.  That’s cheaper than the op shops.

I hope you enjoy, and continue to visit our products pages to see what other “goodies” I am discovering on this Techno Journey.

Thanks in advance if you do go ahead and purchase any of these as I do get a small “affiliate” commission.

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