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I would love to hear from you. Please use any or all of these to say Hi and share your thoughts, ideas or questions, because I am here to help, connect and network whilst promoting our area, local artists, and businesses.

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On Twitter:      @kolijoriverhous

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Postal Address:  P.O Box 119  Calen Qld 4798


5 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Dionne says:

    Hey Blister,

    love the new look website! I would have expected nothing less. I am sure I speak for all of us in your ‘tribe’ when I say good luck with your full time Kolijo River House journey from here on in. We are blessed you now have more time to carry on your great work. We celebrate your ‘Reboot’ day with you, speaking of celebrations…

    To all my fellow Tribe please join me in wishing Leanne many happy returns on November 24th. She probably wont tell you it is her birthday then, so here I am telling you all!!

    Onwards and upwards to my special big blister. Love you to infinity and beyond.

    Little Blister xxxxxxxxx

    • Leanne says:

      Thanks so much Blister. Its great to have such support from friends, but especially from my family. I’m pretty sure “Our Tribe” wont see your comment on this page but that’s cool. I can slide my birthday under the radar. Cheers Blister xxxx

  2. Leanne says:

    I am sorry but I seem to be having issues with the Contact us form, so for now I will remove it and just leave the details for you to copy. Sorry for the inconvenience I am working on fixing it. !! grr…..19/11/2014 I have fixed this issue now. If you have filled in this form in the past, I would not have received your email. Please do contact me again. Thanks for your patience.


  3. marie hayes says:

    congratulations on your work in this area. marie hayes

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