RACQ CQ Rescue Helicopter Service

Living on  the Bruce Highway and continued trips on the Peak Downs Highway out to the coal mines, has unfortunately opened my eyes to the regular crashes and tragedies that occur in our area.

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Sadly, with sinking hearts,  we hear the helicopter flying low above us.

It is usually one of the first signs there has been a serious accident in the region. Sirens, and the traffic pulling up, sometimes for hours at a time as the highway is closed to clear a fatal traffic accident occurs far too often.

Proudly Kolijo River House has chosen RACQ CQ Rescue Helicopter Service as our Major Charity. Since we are based on the Bruce Highway, also in Central Queensland, we understand this is a vital service to our community, and they need our support.

The service is also used inland, where many of our tribe and their family members travel to the coal mines of our region. These highways can be even more devastating with a high level of traffic, trucks, oversize machinery on the move, trains and much more.

Fatigue, road conditions, and weather also contribute to this, but sadly at times common sense just evades some drivers.

Of course it is not just traffic crashes, but any emergency that the RACQ CQ Rescue Helicopter can be a great help. Dirt bike and farm accidents, health issues such as snake bites and heart attacks etc.

 Funding is mainly through sponsors and community support

CQ Rescue Helicopter Service

Their community spirit also shines through constantly. You only have to check out their Facebook page and Website to see, not only are they helping us, they also help out with other fundraising initiatives when they can.

Please take the time to “Like” them on Facebook. Their page is always updated with the latest rescues, Go Pro Video Cams of training and rescues (my favourite) and charity events they are involved in. At the time of writing this they are heavily involved in “Movember.”

Even the Helicopter has grown a mustache!! Classic.

You can also sign up for their monthly newsletter, donate directly and share with your friends the hard work they continue to do for us all.

 So how are we helping?

With every Interactive Postcard sold in the region 10 cents is donated to RACQ CQ Rescue Helicopter. You should see more postcards out and about in the coming months.

Interactive Postcards helping out

Interactive Postcards helping out

Another recent initiative is the Can Tops collection. I have been collecting these for years for various charities, but to be honest, where they go is a little mysterious, and my connections have moved on.

There are many myths out there, and my research has shown that most charities just want the cash. They don’t actually melt down the lids to make wheelchairs for example.

You can read more info here on some of the “history of Ring Pull Can Lid Collection.”

Why Can Lids?

Can Lids

Easy to collect, they look great.

Easy to collect, they look great. I drink beer out of cans. xxxx Gold to be exact. It is very easy to collect the lids. Snap them off, put them in your pocket or purse or collection tub at the local hotel. It is also a good way to keep track of how many drinks you have, however I end up with other people’s as well, so that’s not a good look!

Remember to check your pockets before the shorts go in the washing machine too. They do not like them at all!!

It is a lot easier and logistically viable than collecting and storing the whole can.

I do encourage you to still recycle those too. Use the recycle bins in our area, or head to Mt. Pleasant Shopping Centre in Nth Mackay on a Saturday morning. The Rotary Club will pay you cash for your cans.

 Alas, they do not collect just the lids.

I have decided to donate the few kg I have now to the RACQ CQ Rescue, along with future collections. Being totally transparent, I will tell you I receive $1/kg, which will all be donated to RACQ CQ Rescue.

It is not heaps but every cent counts, and we are going to use them anyway!

So please keep all those can lids. They are a lot easier to save than cans themselves, and look pretty cool and shiny in a glass or nice jar.

Kolijo Can Lids2You can drop yours into the Calen Hotel, or here at Kolijo River House. I regularly come home to a bag full hanging on my front door. Thanks Tezza!!

If you are reading this and not in our lovely area, check out your local pubs and charity organisations and see where you can help out and donate your can lids too.

Cheers, Leanne.

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  1. brian-I am the dad !!!! says:

    hey , great idea , but bit far to send my “Pale Ale”can lids from Moonta ,eh ?

    • Leanne says:

      Thanks Dad. You could find someone in your area who is collecting them for a good cause. Silly to just throw them away!

  2. WOW LEANNE, you never fail to AMAZE me, I love what you are doing and I can see how much your heart is into it….good on ya mate!!!

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