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The Rural Recorder is our local “free” paper distributed monthly to Bloomsbury, Midge Point, Yalboroo, Pindi Pindi, Calen, St. Helens Beach, Mt Ossa & Kuttabul.Rural Recorder

Editor Rebecca Andrade works very hard to put out this community based paper, whilst also being a Mum of two little ones, and she is doing an awesome job.

Kolijo River House is proud to support our community, and a huge part of that is the Rural Recorder.

With local happenings, interesting articles, competitions, tide times etc I thought it would be great to have the latest monthly edition right here, to add even more info and content for you to check out.

For email notification of each new edition, please email and tell them Kolijo River House sent you!

You can read the paper as a PDF file of this months Rural Recorder Newspaper. Just click this link:

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Issue #138 What’s On

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For email notification of each new edition, please email and tell them Kolijo River House sent you!




8 Responses to Rural Recorder Digital Edition

  1. Dionne says:

    Hi Blister,
    OMG your website has evolved so much, is so professional and user friendly! Go Louis Lane reporter, PS say hi to your Clark Kent for me..
    Big Bang theory is one of my favourite relax -without having to follow complex plots – shows and it makes me laugh so much. You are one of those techno savvy doods.. though you are way cooler than any of them! I am a dinosaur so am in awe of your capabilities and as always am so proud to be your little Blister.
    Keep up the great work.
    Love you to infinity.
    Look up at the stars tonight and chat with Nana. April 13th today.. she is smiling down on you and so proud too.

    Love Blister xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. brian-I am the dad !!!! says:

    Iwas interested to read about the updates to theKutabull pub.Sounds a great upgrade has been done.

  3. Vic HASELICH says:

    A wonderful gift right from the first issue – especially to people like me who were once residents there and now love to keep up-to-date while not living there (unfortunately). Also great to read of local feedback especially from folk of my era e.g. Leanne’s dad.
    A great concept that has evolved into beautiful communique and developed by an obviously lovely lady. Thanks Leanne – and to your hard-working Editor. Keep it coming and keep up the great work!
    Vic HASELICH (ex Calen-ite)

    • Leanne says:

      Thanks Vic. Yes Dad, like your good self, is one of my most staunch supporters and thank you for all of your kind words. It is nice to be able to share this fantastic area with people who are unable to live or visit as often as they want to anymore. Hope to see you in person one of these days. I will take you and your wife to the local Calen Hotel for a meal.

  4. Vic HASELICH says:

    That’s very Kind of you Leanne. We too, would love to meet you – in person. Maybe we could even meet your dad, Brian? I will relish the thought (pardon the pun) of a meal at Calen Pub! Who knows; we may be up there in the next year or two. Let’s hope the rain check holds good until then.

  5. Vic HASELICH says:

    Hey, good to see Nuggie in the Lawn Bowls! That’s a different Nuggie to the one who was in my class at Calen in the 50s. She ran like the wind alongside her best friend Gloria McKenzie. It’s also great to see her daughter (and George) doing so well in Tennis Competitions. Cheers, to both of you from Vic Haselich

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