Easter…Chocolate Eggs or Camembert Cheese?

Happy Easter from Kolijo TreeHappy Easter to you and your family.

What are you doing over this long weekend?

Heading off to church, camping, some renovations or much needed garden catchups,boating and fishing, bike riding, catching a movie, enjoying the chance to sleep in and do nothing, reading a great book, playstation games, web surfing, or perhaps you are working?

I spent many years working over Easter and it was always a special treat to receive the much awaited little Easter egg from the boss before we started the day. The biggest decision was when to eat the delicious little morsel. I am not usually a sweet lover (I’m sweet enough!) but I do enjoy a little treat here and there.

Give Me Camembert Cheese, Olives, Dip and Crackers Any Day.

This Easter I am not working, and using the chance to catch up with family and friends. As I am writing this on Good Friday lunchtime, I find myself down by the creek.

Relaxing by Kolijo Creek

Kolijo creek feeds into St. Helens creek and is still flowing after all our rain from cyclone Ita last week.

We were lucky that she skipped off the coast just north of us at Airlie Beach. Not much damage was sustained throughout our area.

There have been no trains travelling on the main line since the Cyclone passed, because of severe damage to the tracks just south of Bowen. It’s funny that I didn’t even notice until my daughter pointed this out to me. I guess you just get used to them coming and going. Being the main freight line North/South on the East coast of Australia, it does tend to get a little busy at times.

This reminds me that I have been noticing the traffic on the Bruce Highway a little more this week. My ears were blocked up with wax, so a syringing from the doctor was required. You dont realise just how deaf you become until they fix it! The first night I actually got out of bed to close the windows, the traffic was so loud. You guessed it, they were shut tight.

But I digress…back to Easter..

My kids are grown now, and even my grandson is 12, so the Easter bunny, making a basket and hats are a thing of the past.

They are happy memories though of trying to swizzle something up worthy of an Easter Bonnet Parade. #fail most of the time as I stood on the sidelines watching some of the works of art go by. Those mothers were geniuses, or had way too much time on their hands!

Nowadays we don’t really even do the egg thing. Having worked so many times I actually would get out of it.

This year I am home.

I think my grandson would much rather cash.

But is it Easter without chocolate?

Probably should go to the shops and buy a little something, just like my supervisor did for all those years.

Easter is definitely a time of the year people look forward too. It is after all, the longest long weekend we get here in Australia.

Working in a “normal” job with only weekends off, or perhaps only Saturday arvo and Sunday makes it even more special.

Around here is a sugar cane and mining community.

There is not a mine here as such, but plenty of workers commute from our area to coal mines, mainly in the Bowen Basin. Rosters vary, but usually around 4-7 days off after working 4 -7 days is the norm. That’s half the year off, or more if you take 4 weeks holiday and sick days into account.

The sugar cane workers pretty much have half a year off too, then work flat out for the next half. Lucky to get one day off a week when the harvest is on.  So I guess it depends on your “roster” as to how excited you are about 4 days off, but nevertheless, most Australians love it!!

Living on the Bruce Highway opens your eyes, as on both the Thursday and Monday afternoon the traffic increase immensely, as the annual mass migration unfolds.

Boats and vans, trailers packed with all manner of bikes and canoes.

Australians at play. I love it.

Unfortunately all too often we hear of fatalities, and the highway being closed because of heartbreaking accidents.

If you are out on the road this Easter, or any time for that matter, please take care that you do not become, or create a statistic.

Head out, have fun, eat some eggs, enjoy your friends and family, connect with your god…..but please do stay safe.

Now to get back home so I can put this blog post on…..hmmm


Until next time, be real be special have fun for we only live once! and send me the Camembert!!Leanne Profile Pic


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