Golden Apple Snails

Kolijo Snails Kolijo_snails-3-2

Golden algae munching creatures are an absolute must in most fish tanks.

Fascinating to watch as they keep your glass, stones and ornaments clean. They also grow pretty quickly. My Mum’s tank is turning out to be the perfect breeding ground for these and instead of cleaning them out, they now give the babies to me.

These babies have grown, and now they are ready to go Kolijo_snails-4 They don’t eat much. Left over fish food and debris and the algae etc in your tank. I also supplement their diet with a couple of algae discs a few times a week, as well as a few frozen peas for a treat.

Word of warning, they wont last long in with something like an Oscar fish. But if you have an Oscar you would know that’s all you can have!

Also if you have a small fish tank with slow fish, such as fat goldfish, the snails might suck onto them. Thats not a good thing either.

For most general family tanks however they are perfect. I have been buying them for years. Usually paying around $4-$7 depending on the size.

You can now purchase these snail from me for just $2.50

Please contact me to arrange collection and have these fascinating snails help keep your tank clean and amuse you for ages!!


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