Kinda bent, but not Broken

A few words…fresh beginnings after sad endings.

Hello my friend,

Welcome to my latest post which started to be all about what has been happening within our area. As you will see I digressed slightly, but I hope you still enjoy this little ride, and perhaps will see your world and those in it, with fresh eyes by the end.

As you may, or may not know, our family recently had devastating news of my daughter’s partner Tony, sadly passing away whilst at work. This has been a very hard time for us all, hence my absence for a while on

You can read more about this at the Crocs?? Here? post, and get a feel for who our mate Tony was.

The previous week, my best friend’s Mum also passed away. Whilst I was in Melbourne at her funeral, I found out that 30% of my “other family” at work were being sacked, and that there was no news as yet on what was happening to the rest of us.

I had very mixed feelings of worry for my crew. What was going to happen, and to whom? Most of all I was stressing that I wasn’t there to help them through this tough time.

It was probably the Mum and Nanna coming out in me. That’s how I roll.

Yes they do become like family when you spend half your life together, working long hours away from your loved ones. Of course, like all families, not everyone gets along. A crazy mix of personalities, such as the weird stalker cousin you don’t talk to, the angry Uncle, or the young annoying brother. However I care, and mostly enjoy their company, sharing stories of their journeys in life. Family.

Caught between a funeral and sackings, the feeling of guilt was confusing. There were people around me with crushed hearts for the loss of a wonderful lady and I was also sad for having to say goodbye to her. At the same time I was stressing about work.

Was that wrong?

Then, two weeks later, those crushed hearts were too close to home. Mine being one of them. Having to tell my daughter the bad news, travelling for yet another funeral, and more broken people.

How do we cope with this?

Sunset at kolijo

Sunsets are special

In my opinion its ok to wallow in self-pity.

  • .Curl yourself up in a ball, scream out why???
  •  Eat crappy food or don’t eat at all,
  •  Drink too much,
  •  Cry and cry and cry.
  •  Get angry,
  •  Be a sloth,  feral and don’t care what you look like,
  •  Hide inside away from the world.
  •  Let your car look dirty and abandoned,
  •  Not want to talk to anyone,
  •  Emotional posts on Facebook… hoping your lost loved one is reading it…

But this state cannot last forever.

We need to become bent-not broken.

Life goes on, eventually we have to come back. One day at a time.

For me it is now that time. I am forever grateful for the support, love and caring from our family, friends, and the locals in our beautiful area.

Thank you so much!

On returning to work this week in a very fragile state, the support I felt from my other family was amazing. Thank you also guys.

Some long-lasting, new  friendships have also developed as my tribe continues to change, grow, evolve and renew. I look forward to getting to know these new special people in the coming weeks, months and years.

It is nice to know there are good people around, and that when things go crazy we can all help each other through the tough times.

In times of grief and sadness, really the only good that can come from it is to encourage us all to re-connect with the areas of our life, that at times can be neglected.

We get so busy dealing with the “busy-ness” of living.

Sometimes we can go about the days with our blinkers on to the beauty that surrounds us. Yes I mean the sunsets, the stars and the moon, sights, sounds and smells, but more importantly the people in our lives.

Those close to us are obvious jewels that make every day special.

Life can become the drudgery of working, housework, cooking, getting to and from school and sport, homework and chores, shopping and tending to animals, planning the money, paying bills, always needing more….

We start to wait for the next elusive “holiday” where you can go and do something else. Catch up properly with some Quality time together.

Instead you have to get up the next day to do it all over again.

It is in this space, the day in day out routines, that we at times forget to stop, look inside  with a sense of gratitude, and to have a little fun

Realise no-one is here forever. So enjoy each other now.

What about other people too?

Lets try to become more aware of noticing others.. Smile and say hi, even if you don’t know them. Yours may be the only smile they see all day, all week.

Go first, pick up the phone, send someone a long overdue connection.

In this time of technology it is so easy. A text, email, private message, friend request on Facebook, or hey what about an old-fashioned letter or postcard from your home town.

Hmmm think we need some new postcards around here.. watch this space.

During these past few weeks I have tried to touch base with my on-line internet business courses here and there. Written a few words for future blogs and listened to my podcasts for inspiration

This new found on line community has also inspired me to continue on my journey, believe in my dreams, live life today and love and connect with each other now.
Time to reflect on the people in my life,  the community I live in,  wonderful daily sights, sounds and smells, and the plans I have to continue to grow, learn and share through
I hope you can come along for the ride, and today look at the people in your life-treasure their presence, and have a little fun.

Thanks for reading all the way to the end. Watch out for future  happy, exciting, fun posts!

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Leanne, Kinda bent, but by no means broken 🙂


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12 Responses to Kinda bent, but not Broken

  1. shannon says:


    • Leanne says:

      Love you Shannon. We will get through this. I know we will wander between bent and broken for years to come. I am always here with you xx

  2. Allei Spice says:

    Leanne sweetie that was so well written, I still have tears as I write this. You have a wonderful gift in writing, your words bring me back to earth & inspire me to “look” around with open eyes at what I have close to me – as you say we get so busy with all the small stuff we take for granted all the big things. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, again my deepest condolences to your beautiful family in these sad days. May your journey continue to make you all stronger & mend quickly.
    Thank you my beautiful friend xxx

  3. Liam says:

    I didn’t know all this was going on with your family, you are truly an amazing and strong person.

  4. brian-I am the dad !!!! says:

    glad you are through to the other side now love, good stuff in this blog xxxx

  5. Little Blister says:

    What an inspiring lady you are. Through all you sadness you are now reaching out to inspire us all to stop to smell the roses and to dust ourselves off and continue this thing called life. albeit’ kinda bent…. but not broken’. I have always been so proud to be your little sister, never more so than now. We love you all and are there with you as you know.
    To all my big blisters’ followers, she is a force to be reckoned with, an actual angel on earth.
    Join her journey/family and we can all catch falling stars together and put them in our pockets, or in our jars….Love you more Blister xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Leanne says:

      Thank you my lovely sister!! That was so special to receive your kind words of support and encouragement. We always will have our jars xxx

  6. Sam says:


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