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This is a place where we are celebrating and sharing our Tropical North Queensland lifestyle, both locally and online.

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Focusing on our Fantastic Area from Seaforth to Midge Point on the coast, and The Leap to Bloomsbury on the Bruce Highway.

You will also find “techno tips and tricks I’m learning in my on-line journey, and am passionate about sharing.

Look around and you will see Articles and Stories, in various formats including Videos, Pictures, and Audio.

Are You a Grey Nomad on a Yearly Trek for our warm Qld Winter?

Then this is the site for you, whilst passing through, why not stop in for a look !

Find out Where to go, and where to stay. What about the weather? Action adventures and lovely places for a cuppa and photography spots… Pull up the van and feel the energy in this fantastic part of Queensland.

Kolijo Tree On the Bruce Highway

Kolijo Tree On the Bruce Highway

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  • Services and local business here to help you…
  • Map of the area
  • Living in the tropics, clothing suggestions etc
  • Weather updates and figures
  • Products.. postcards
  • Techno Corner
  • History ….
  • Town Talk… Details/info/stats/pics/videos/history
  • local Artists. and crafts
  • Souvenirs of the Area

Please do come in, have a look around, and say hi.
You just don’t know what you will find!

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“You never know what you will find!”


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  1. lynda says:

    Fantastic work Leanne, so professional!!!! Well DONE xxxx

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