Kuttabul Hotel on the Bruce Highway Open For Business Again!!

News from A Little Further Afield, As Promised,

 Family Atmosphere for the Kuttabul Hotel after a four month closure.


Since the re-opening of the Kuttabul Hotel on Anzac Day 2013, my car has automatically turned off the Bruce Highway on the sweeping bend, just south of Kuttabul, to check out the changes, meet some interesting people, and chat to the new Managers.

What a fantastic view sitting on the veranda looking towards the mountains, set back from highway.

It is now a lovely place to chill out and watch the world go by.


Kuttabul Hotel

Kuttabul Hotel

Unfortunately for various reasons, the Kuttabul Hotel has not had a good reputation in recent years. There have been a few attempts to change this, but until now a major shift in those opinions, be they true or perceived, has proved difficult.
I believe that the New Managers have the right mindset, knowledge, contacts and reputation to achieve what previous managers have been unable to do.
Now the Kuttabul Hotel is being reborn…

Music playing in the back ground. A renewed welcoming, fresh energy and vision.
I am sure that Frank and Butto will turn it into a place to be honoured, and a must visit on your trek through our area, like the Calen Hotel when she is rebuilt.

I encourage you to call in and check out the Kuttabul Hotel’s

  • Family atmosphere.
  • Plenty of parking for all shapes and sizes of vehicles to pull in.
  • Dogs welcome but not on veranda, just like Boz.
  • Karoke on friday nights.
  • Live music on occassions.
  • Watch out for updates on the “official”  facebook page coming soon.

It rocked.. and hopefully will rock again!!

Talking to a few people in the pub in the last few weeks has been fantastic.Great to hear stories of  how the pub used to be.

It was also fun to catch up at the Kuttabul Hotel with a few locals from Calen  recently. Some of the younger kids were there celebrating a birthday.
They are all growing up so fast! What a well behaved bunch of 20 year olds they were too. And Organised. They had a bus, so no one was at risk of drink driving!! Good on you all. Plan ahead and keep everyone safe.Fancy Dress amused some of the locals, add karaoke and a fun night was had by all.

Now that Frank and Butto are Managers.

Their reputation precedes them.

Butto has a history for turning pubs around. I have heard this from various people in my travels recently.

“Butto? The pub will be great then!!”
Good luck to the guys, all their helpers, builders and Boz the boxer dog who will greet you with a smile.
Remember to watch out for the new official facebook page once its up and running for all the “whats on” and current updates. I will add a link here when its live.

You can also like our Kolijo River House Facebook page here for current updates and events.


This week I am in Melbourne for a funeral with people whose hearts are broken, so please everyone stay connected and share your love and friendships. xxx

Enjoy our lovely Queensland winter weather, because its foggy and 10 degrees here, and its nearly lunch time!!

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