Local Update October 2013

Its all been happening lately.

Our new pub is up and running following a total rebuild after burning to the ground in 2012.

What a great community watering hole we have once again. Nice modern lines with a classic feel thanks to touches of the old blended so well with the new.

A sparkling new kitchen and dining room adorned with Art and plenty of diners coming down for a feed, a drink and a catch up with old mates, and to check out the new pub.

Plenty of passing tourists also are calling in, and with Wintermoon in October being held  in the Pocket, a vibrant, fresh new feel is back in our community.

Wintermoon In October

A different date, and a new setting.

I must say it was strange going to our local Wintermoon Music Festival without being all rugged up around the fire. The date was changed to the long weekend in October. instead of May, when the State Government changed the Labour Day Long Weekend.

This year, 2013, we had two Wintermoon Music Festivals! How Lucky Are We????

I did find the new site at Stoney Creek, which is one kilometre from the original site was fantastic. It has been used for quite a few years as the alternate camping ground, with shuttle buses running regularly to Wintermoon.

However the October event was held at Stoney Creek, with only a few camping at the original site. I personally really enjoyed the new setting.

Numbers were way down on the “usual” Wintermoon crowds, but I would think that was to be expected. A fantastic ambient feel was being expressed, and the weather was fantastic.

Sitting on the hay bales, listening to great music under the stars in Camerons Pocket is always awesome. Less people, less stalls and lack of fires, due to the dry weather, did make it unusual, but still enjoyable.

Next year we will see what they decide to do. I’m all for the old Wintermoon in “Winter.”

A long weekend is not necessary for this event to continue growing and evolving and keeping the traditions that come year after year. Personally I take holidays when I can, and I am sure that is what most people will also do.

I must say that a little more lighting at the new site would be great, because we went from the stage, to the creek gate, to the paddock and a greeting with the cows, trying to find the gate out to walk the 1 km down the road to our camp. Perhaps the Winter fires will help light the way!!

As usual the organisers and volunteers did a great job to make this a success, albeit it smaller…..this time.

Cant wait for the next Wintermoon Music Festival.


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  1. brian-I am the dad !!!! says:

    glad my favourite qld pub open again

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