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MC Back up….. Free & backup

Saves the heartache of lost contacts, or the hassle of putting old ones into your new device!

Also a great idea to have your phone numbers in a safe place in case of emergencies. You can access your email from anywhere, or send the email to a loved one.

Follow these easy steps. 

  1. Download MC Backup from the App store. (look for same logo)
  2. Open App
  3. Click the backup buttonMC Backup
  4. The app will start backing up all your contacts. It’s super fast too!!
  5. Once the backup is complete it says “Back up  complete”  click backup
  6. Tap the email button and fill in your email address and click send: (You don’t need the pro version it may try to offer here. free one has an advert or two at the top )mc backup
  7. Your contacts are now in your email in a file format that you can export to any mc backuplocation.
  8. To restore your contacts simply open the email and click the attachment.
  9. No need to even download the app on your new device because of the file format


So this app will save all of your contacts, email them to your chosen email address, and when you want to restore them. you simply click the link in that email and they are all back!!

It is very simple, follow the instructions and you should never lose your contacts again!

There are heaps of other Apps out there that can do this,or more advanced, however I have been using MC Backup for a couple of years now and it is perfect, and free, and I love spreading the word about it, hopefully before it is needed!



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