OCD list writer! I need your help…

Hello my friend,

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In this post I thought I would share with you, and hopefully also get your feedback, on where I am heading with this site. This will help me focus all of my energies in the right places.

“If you are like my hardworking business friend and doing a quick drive by of my site, please go to my survey link below and tell me your thoughts. It should only take a couple of minutes.

If like him, your head hurts to read too much, you should like what I have planned for options on future posts. Watch this space!!  Please come back when you have the time.”


My main aim is to spread the word about our fantastic area, and community.

I believe I can do this by expressing my passions for writing, photography, video, and audio whilst also embracing the new technology I am discovering.


My Techno Tools

Lap top, I Pad, I phone, Camera, extra tv screen, external hard drive, printer,…. its crazy!! but I love it

Through this site I want to express with you, through those passions, my love of a good yarn and  meeting new inspiring people. Many have interesting life stories to share. I feel that we can all learn a little from these kind of experiences, and insert them into our own lives and lessons along the way.

Why? …. Why am I wanting to do this?

I have always been a person full of passion, big dreams, ideas and visions. A strong sense that I need to help other people to also believe in their dreams. Show them to be more positive, and that good things can happen, anything is possible. Even in sport like when the lions came back from……. but that’s another story!!

It is this passion that is inspiring me to carry on with  KolijoRiverHouse.com

What a perfect way to connect with so many people, the possibilities really are endless. Already some very positive feedback is getting through on my blog, and some connections in the community are being made. I honour every single one of them. Thank you for reaching out to say hi.

This is where my OCD list head comes in..

Wow I am learning so much, very excited and want to do it all. Realistically though I have to have some sort of a plan, structure, and focus.

I have paper lists everywhere. I always have had those, just for running my normal day to day life as a Mum and a Nanna. I think my Mum passed her compulsive list making onto me.

Every time there is a special occasion where a gift is involved, usually a new little note book and nice pens are in order. Now even my daughters are beginning to show signs of our obsession.

Technology has the Best List programs ever!!!!!! Oh No

Im going List Head Crazy!

Im going List Head Crazy!!

With all the new apps, and programs and devices out there that target people like me, List Heads,  I’m going a little crazy!

You might ask “What’s so bad about list writing?”

The thing is that you end up just writing another list, instead of doing what is on that list. Lists need to be sorted into categories, crossed off, updated, re written, uploaded, printed, emailed, sync…… it can get pretty wild. If you let it. I guess like any obsession being aware of it is half the battle.

However in saying that,

My favourite list making program must be Evernote. My little green elephant of ideas anywhere on any device. I have a Mind Mapping tool which I love, and alas many more.

There is also “notes” that comes standard with your i phone. Recently I had great delight teaching my Dad all about those, who then shared his new found knowledge with his wife, and probably the guys at the golf club too?!

I am currently doing three on-line Internet business courses, and learning so much, its all very exciting.

The first step was to set up my website. Now I am always learning and tweaking it as I go, trying my best to make it a great experience for you.

I am especially focusing on being “Mobile Friendly.”

Statistics say that by 2014  Mobile Internet use will over take desk top usage, so it is important to follow that trend, and try to be ahead of it.

I know I am on my I pad and I phone constantly looking and listening to things online. How about yourself, and your family?

In closing I would like to say that I have grand plans to use all this new technology  I am always discovering and learning about. I am also very excited at the prospects for the future, with more and more education in this field.

I now have a hunger for the new technology  we will be using in the years ahead, and a desire to share it with you, through your experience right here, at Kolijo River House.com.

This is where your help can come in.

I have set up my first ever survey form with ten quick easy questions. Your answers will help me to know

  • What sort of things you are looking forward to finding here.
  • How I can help you more

This will then help me to get the word out about our fantastic area, and
the wonderful people in our community.

What a great free tool this is.

Simply click on the link below, and you will be taken to another page containing the survey. Your insights will be most welcome. Thank you so much


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Again thanks for all your help and support,

Stay safe, be happy, love those in your life and treasure every moment. For we only live once





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4 Responses to OCD list writer! I need your help…

  1. lynda says:

    Excellent Leanne, entertaining, informative, positive, and encouraging. Well done, hope you get lots of replies to the survey, you deserve to. xxx

  2. brian-I am the dad !!!! says:

    well done kiddo ,am well aware of your love affair with lists,you hooked me into notes on i phone. Interested to hear reaction to the “list” of questions

  3. shannon says:

    love it!! as usual:)

  4. Leanne says:

    Thanks heaps guys. Cheers

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