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I don’t know about  you, but I love discovering new technology and how it can make things quicker and easier for me.

We now have so many ways to share our lives, find out information and buy all manner of things at the click of a button.

With the likes of Google, you tube, email, Facebook, linked in, twitter, podcast, i tunes, maps, pinterest, games,  drop box and apps galore, it is easy to become overwhelmed.

Our Email inbox’s are becoming full of newsletters, advertising, bank statements, notifications for all  those apps, updates and sales at your favourite on line store. It is easy for any nice messages to slip through the gaps.

The same can be said on social media too. So much is happening, the news feed is like an organic monster of its own, from one wave to the next.

It was in the middle of all of this, and setting up my website that I received a “Postcard” in the mail. A real,  old school postcard, from a lovely Angel in my life who was travelling the UK.

I enjoyed it so much that it got me thinking…….

“Does Anyone send old school Postcards anymore?”

This began a personal quest to answer this question. Asking my friends and family, workmates and local business owners, the answers were almost unanimous.

The Older generations still do.

My quest is evolving to encourage people to send a postcard or two. How about a letter, old school handwritten letter? Let’s keep the posties around the world in a job, before they too become “automated.”

When was the last time you posted a letter?

Do you even know how much a stamp costs these days? 

My love of technology and a thirst for more knowledge in this area has found me blending that new  technology with “old school” and I am now producing

“Interactive Postcards.”

St. Helens Beach    St. Helens Beach

These are  postcards with a differenceInteractive we call them.

Click this link to see all our current Interactive Postcard Pages…


 They still have great pictures of the local area, and on the back a place for your stamp, address, a few words about the area and room for your special message to friends and family.

There is also a  “QR Code” printed on the back that can be scanned, similar to a bar-code.

 The customer is then taken to an online page with more pictures, videos, audio and description of the area on the postcard.

If you don’t know what a QR code is check out this  link in “Techno Corner” that explains it in full. These funny little square pictures are taking over the world!! You can download free scanners for your phone, and most new ones are having them built in.

The ability for me  to continually update these links will ensure an always growing, improving Multi-Media Experience for all.

Current Interactive Postcards can be purchased by clicking here. Check out where they are stocked or purchase on-line.

We also offer a  service to write your message on the back of our “old school” postcard, and send directly to your friends and family. This is included in the purchase price.

Postcards retail for $2.00 plus .60c postage if required. are proud to help out a very worth cause in our area.Interactive Postcards helping out

10c per postcard sold is donated to CQ Rescue RACQ Helicopter service.

Unfortunately this service is needed all to regularly in our area. They do a fantastic job, and need all the funding they can muster to continue providing help to locals and tourists alike when disaster strikes.

CQ Rescue logo

Please like them on Facebook to stay up to date and show your support.


If  you are interested in stocking or purchasing postcards please contact me at

This mission of mine is continuing to grow as I learn and perfect my techno lessons. I would love you to come along for the ride with me.

How about sending a postcard or letter, a newspaper clipping or thinking of you card and surprise someone in your life, as my Angel Angie did to me? Please let me know if you did. My quest continues……..

If you want to see some more pictures of the area head to our picture gallery on the side bar or on the Picture Gallery Page


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2 Responses to Interactive Postcards

  1. Lyn Olsen says:

    A great informative site. I really must start sending postcards once again. You are quite right, we don’t send postcards or letters anymore. The other thing with technology that I am sorry to say, we don’t make or receive phone calls anymore. The text message has taken over, or Facebook. Sometimes it is only with Facebook we find out what the family is doing. Being “old school” I love a chat on the phone with loved ones, oh well, that is technology I suppose.

    Well done once again Leanne, keep posting your wonderful site. Lyn

    • Leanne says:

      Thanks for your comments Lyn. Yes technology is fantastic, instant and usually free. I heard stamps are set to go up .70c that’s getting a bit much!! There are a few digital postcard apps getting around now, but it is still nice to send “old school” too. See how my postcards go next year for our Grey Nomad invasion. It was their requests to the local shops for postcards that started my obsession. Cheers.

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