Sugar Cane Crush Interactive Postcard




Watch out for Cane Train in kolijo

Harvest time in the winter and spring each year means it’s action a plenty.


Marian Sugar Mill



Harvesters, tractors and trains abound. Keep alert when driving around the area, but enjoy the scenery.

Its fun to watch as row after row the sugar cane disappears and new views open up.


Harvesters on the move in Kolijo

  • You will see houses that have been hidden, mountains and creeks that can only be seen once the cane is cut.


  • Bird life following the harvest for tasty treats is a great event to watch unfold.
  • Random Harvesters on floats and driving past your house!
  • The Sugar Mills in full production


farleigh sugar mill

Had to pull over and get this photo!!


Harvest in Kolijo

Sugar Cane pic

Sugar Cane Glowing in the Sun







Sugar Cane glowing in Kolijo


Enjoy the sun setting over the Sugar Cane. It really is a fantastic time of the year!!


Cheers,Sugar Cane glistening


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