QR Code?? Little weird square things everywhere

What is a QR Code?

They are those funny little square pictures bobbing up everywhere, especially in advertisements. Have you seen them? Do you know what they are for? Read on to unlock the mystery.

QR code creature

Crazy little creatures!

QR stands for Quick Response.

They are a square black and white picture  with lots of details inside. New technology can read them, but alas we cannot.

They are designed to be scanned and then you are usually redirected to a website, or depending on the situation anywhere online.

Link to a website of some sort is the most common at the moment.


To Scan these “QR creatures” as I call them, a special scanner is required.

These are easily downloaded to your phone through the app store suitable to your device. Most are free. Some also act as a bar code scanner as well, but check that they will work in your country, your products etc. if that’s a need you have.

New Smart phones are building in this technology as part of their camera

I am a little obsessed by these “creatures.” In Australia at the moment (2013) they are just beginning to take off, and are very much the trend.

My current use of them is on my interactive postcards, and also to help other business owners in the area get their message out, and make life easier for their customers also.

Some QR creatures you will find don’t seem to work. Don’t worry its probably not you, but the size of the QR code.  With so much detail that needs to be “read” by the camera, if the QR code picture itself is too small, some of the detail is missed, therefore it does not work. Especially in a newspaper where the paper is so porous.

I stick to around 20mm x 20mm as a rule and they seem to work fine.

Watch this one minute Video to see my scanner in action.

Where do I get it?? Which Scanner App is Best?

There are many scanners now available to download. Here is a link to the top ten QR code Scanners. Free and Paid. I personally use “Quick Scan Pro” its great.


So there you have it. Get into the action with these little creatures and you too will be searching for them everywhere!

I would love to know how you go, and if you too become as obsessed as I am?

Please leave a comment below.



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6 Responses to QR Code?? Little weird square things everywhere

  1. brian-I am the dad !!!! says:

    heavens to betsy _what next!!!!!

  2. Nadene Allan says:

    Great Article Leanne !!! 🙂

  3. brian-I am the dad !!!! says:

    I have printed off your list to take with me to find an app on the wonderful Samsung !!!!

    • Leanne says:

      Look at you go and not need the list. Good to see the “Android” apps can read my QR Codes, and you are on board. Let me know how you go with the addiction of scanning once you spy them everywhere…. lolz. Be warned!!

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