Resume & Computer Service

I have  found  that a few people have asked me to type up a resume for them, as they are still looking for work or thinking of changing jobs.

My Techno Tools

Lap top, I Pad, I phone, Camera, extra tv screen, external hard drive, printer,…. its crazy!! but I love it

Do you have an old paper resume that needs to go digital?

Almost everyone uses email these days. I can catch you up to speed and also add your most recent job descriptions and references. Scan your certificates, tickets, medicals etc and add them to your Resume Package.

Even if you do have a “Digital Resume” I can easily update it for you, or send it to relevant job search places.

Being a secretary from way back with a love of typing, I am happy to help with any needs along those lines.

Reasonable rates and the good old barter system work well with me.

Please feel free to shoot me an email, contact me through website, or call me on 0411 088 058 if I can help you out.





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