State of Origin Time in Qld and NSW!!!

State of origin is upon us once again!

Email messages go crazy

Bring it on!!

Cane Toads v Cockcroaches.

Qld v NSW in Rugby League football

This is a yearly event with 3 games held mid-season.

The colours of maroon and blue take over shops, offices, cars, homes and people’s faces. Crazy hats and Internet jokes, streamers and flags flying from fences and cars. Husbands against wives, workmates against workmates.

Origin in both NSW and Qld takes on religious proportions 

It is truly a Love/Hate relationship

State of Origing

Plenty of On Field Action

Pubs and clubs all over the two states fill up quickly with patrons vying for prime viewing places for the big screen action. There are usually a few “guess the first try?” or “what score at half time?” as well as “who will win?” competitions.

A team jersey or two up for grabs for prizes, or a six pack of beer, perhaps a cooked chook, meat and seafood trays. Either way it is all in good fun, usually.

Whilst in our area you can check out these venues to watch the big game on the big screen, and interact with  passionate, fun people cheering their team on, or just watching the circus that is:


Kuttabul Hotel

Kuttabul Hotel On Bruce Highway. Perfect place to pull up and Watch the Footy

  • Kuttabul Hotel
  • St. Helens bowls club
  • The Leap hotel
  • Midge Point Tavern
  • Seaforth Bowls Club

I am sure next year we can also add the Calen Hotel, after the re-build from the 2012 fire, to this list.

Current Owner Clarry is an avid Queensland supporter, and would always put on the Origin for locals to gather and cheer on their team!!

Plenty of people also just stay home.

Held on a Wednesday night (school night for many) makes this option very popular. BBQ’s, pies, a couple of quiet drinks on a chilly winter’s evening. Perhaps a fire or outdoor gas heater, watching the action with mates, or focusing alone on every piece of the action. All are a perfect combination that most of us get to indulge three times a year.

It is quite heartbreaking when we have to work, but the banter still continues, and scores are regularly broadcast so no one misses out, especially the losing team!

Southerners being educated

I came to Qld from down South Australia well over twenty years ago and had never heard of State Of Origin. Or rugby league for that matter.

The first game I saw was origin, which spoiled me a little (do you think?) because I expected every game of league to be the same intense rivalry, passion and crowds.

Seems ridiculous now, a few decades on and with a little more education.

The next weekend I turned on a Sunday arvo game to watch my new found sport, and wow, was I surprised?  Small crowd numbers, less skill, not one fight!! Where was the biff?

Boring, Boring, Boring!

However watching the Brisbane Broncos back then, was exciting to me!

Especially As a Newbie to the sport. 

They were stacked with origin team members and had that spark and fire I enjoyed in my first game. A new allegiance was formed. I had my own team, and I was proudly claiming The Broncos and Queensland as my new State Of Origin.

State Of Origin

State Of Origin Melbourne 2012.


Beers are on

Weird beer! and in a glass, not a can…



  • My first live Origin game was in NSW.
  • We lost.
  • They had weird beer.
  • And did I say WE LOST?!


The crowd all filed out to catch the train from the stadium where “Sydney” had the Olympics. 


On the train we were surrounded by heaps of guys wearing Orange wigs and “Blues” jerseys. The winners. I have great pics, but to get all their permission is  just not worth it!! Bloody cockroaches.

I Was with a NSW cockroach supporter so I guess that’s why they didn’t pick on me, and instead posed for photos!

Now, every year, I too religiously watch the State of Origin, me from South Australia, hysterically and passionately barracking for “My” Queensland Cane Toads in my Maroon EVERYTHING!! cause that’s how I roll.



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6 Responses to State of Origin Time in Qld and NSW!!!

  1. Lyn Olsen says:

    Hi Leanne, this is a great blog, so well written, as usual, and fires us all up to go for Queensland, cos that is what we do. We MUST win tonight, and I will be watching, all be it by myself, but one just has too. I will put my beanie on, get out the flag and any other maroon memorabilia I can find and sit in the warm and cheer our guys and state on. Go Queenslander!

  2. Thanks for your wonderful post. I really like the information which you have shared in your post.

    • Leanne says:

      Thanks John, Will be State of Origin time again before we know it. But first, to beat the poms in the Ashes, then the tennis. Cheers

  3. State of Origin Queensland says:

    Thanks for such a wonderful post. I really like the information which you have shared. I will really look for your futher posts.

  4. I like your blog. The drama will Continuos on may 2014. I hope all people see that.. Its craze about State of origin..

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