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The Calen Community Markets have proven to be a great success, thanks to hardworking local Peta. In that vein I am trying to help our Calen markets organiser Petatalented friends here through KolijoRiverHouse.com and continue to share the love.

The second Community Markets are going to be even bigger and better, held at the school as a twilight event from 5-9pm. 15/11/14

However they are only going to be a few times a year, and there is not many other places for local to sell their “stuff.”


I tried to set up a shop recently, as an outlet for local artists and other talented people in the area to sell to the growing tourist trade. However the council fees for what I had planned were ridiculous. (Don’t get me started on that issue!)

My plans have now changed, moved, evolved into focusing on my web site and promoting our area heaps more through social media, networking and helping others along the way.

I have realised I can still help out those who are working hard from home, out in their shed or even in their caravan whilst their partner is doing the crush. I know there a locals also trying to make ends meet, earn some extra cash and work in party plan and network marketing. These will also be shared on these pages.

Trying to earn some extra cash whilst your at home with the kids, or for whatever reason, happens all over this country.

You can find their contact details, a few pictures perhaps, links to any Facebook pages they have set up or websites, email etc. I will not be selling for them, but promoting and helping anyway I can. It’s how I roll 🙂

Just tell them Leanne sent you from Kolijo River House, that would be good to help my brand name spread, and the networking continue. After all I am one of those working in my shed, trying to make a living too as this adventure continues to unfold.

Local Arts/Crafts/Service/Party Plan Page

If you would like to promote your wares, services etc on KolijoRiverHouse.com please contact me and we will work Leanne Profile Picit out from there. Yes it is free!

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2 Responses to Local Artists, crafts and Services

  1. Peta says:

    That is a terrible photo of me Leanne, but only when I zoom in on it. lol

    • Leanne says:

      Oh Peta I love that pic of you, and all the markets in the background. You are the only one zooming in ha ha. Congratulations on all of your hard work mate, you are truly an inspiration to me. Thanks on behalf of our community.

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