The Wet Season


There is a classic T.V. Advert in Australia… You may know it?

“Marg, Marg, the RAINS are ere!”

….and of course its the kids eating juicy sweetcorn. You can watch it here if you like.

It’s what we say when it starts to rain.

 My southern family members however have a different view.


Rain in the Gauge

Dad has a theory that it isn’t actually raining until the “dots join up”

The rain drops on the ground. Where he lives it is very dry, and true rain is quite a rare sight.

I have great delight in telling him how much we have had in the rain gauge!


“and that was just whilst I went shopping Dad.”



When the wet season hits up here, quite frankly all hell can break loose. But it is very exciting, and if you are prepared and do the right things it can be an awesome time of the year.

My top 6 tips to survive the wet season.

Clothing & Attire

1 *Crocs & Wellies.

Shoes not the reptile, but watch out for those too!

They are great to paddle around in the water and mud, and great on rocks. They are little slip on shoes, easy on easy off and holes to let the water out. Crocs were the originals I believe, however there are many out there now at cheaper prices. My purple ones were $4..

When you are out paddling in the more extreme water a pair of wellies is the go. Gum boots is another name for these.

Personally I love it when every year you can buy some new, bright out there designs.

They are a fashion statement all of their own.

Your feet are covered… what about the rest of you?

It’s hot still remember, so you won’t need to be rugging up like when it rains down south. You will need to cover up, even if dashing to the car, the letter box or to put your wheelie bins out. If there is a cyclone around however it can tend to get a little cooler, so perhaps throw a warm coat in your cyclone kit.

2 *Raincoat

Again they come in a multitude of colours and fashions. Mine are pink and purple. I have a few coats from my mining days and they are great too, but way too heavy and hot. Not pretty at all. Look for lightweight spray jackets and ponchos.

It did take me a while to find a good style, in the camping, boating sections at BCF. Click here for your nearest Queensland store.

3 *Umbrella

Of course the most obvious is an umbrella… hands free are the best if you can find one sturdy enough… not just an Australia Day funny joke style!! They sit on top of your hat or head, leaving you free to use your hands for things like digging a trench!!

One umbrella however is not enough.

When you’re in the car and it starts to rain, your umbrella is inside. When you’re outside it’s in the house. When you’re inside it’s in the shed!!

Try to have them everywhere. Car, house, shed, handbag.

Another suggestion is to have hooks for said umbrellas, coats and a place for the wet muddy boots and thongs near the entrance of your house or caravan. Allow for lots of dripping too.

I have heaps of mats, but usually end up with an old towel as the last point of call… Good to wipe the doggies feet.

4 *Rain Gauge

Get a big one…160mm seems to be the standard size, but many times it needs emptying during the one day.

Sometimes it’s full by lunch.

Try to place it where you can see from inside, to save another drenching. Record the amounts daily . The BOM (weather bureau)  does it, but rarely is it the same as in my gauge.

Theirs must be under a tree or something!

You can check out their link, and others on the Quick Links Page. To see daily updates from our very own Kolijo Rain Gauge check out this link:

Kolijo Rain Gauge

It’s fun to share how much rain you had at your place, and all the locals talk about is the rainfall… how many inches ? huh? What’s that in mm? Or I should say feet to metres!!

5 *Washing your clothes.

Grrrr….. It’s very hard to get them dry when it’s teeming down, so hang undercover of course.

Outside can get very hot and sunny too. A cheap gazebo, shade cloth or anything can be used to take the edge off the sun, heat and can save them from a sudden shower. A line under the carport or in a shed is great.

The humidity stops the clothes drying when its raining  for days on end.

If you can, bite the bullet and get a clothes dryer, or use your neighbours or at the van park laundry.  Try to mainly use it to finish off drying your clothes, and the power bill won’t cripple you. I remember drying the kid’s school uniforms on the water bed mattress. Trying to use the  heat of the bladder… but that didn’t really work either, so it was out with the iron!!

6. Mango season…Yummy, but watch out.

You may need to wear a hard hat when gardening under a mango tree. At my place I had to  cover the pond, and stay alert. Mangoes can hurt, falling from a long way up, and they make a mess. You will also notice strange sounds on the roof at night.  Bats and possums having a feast at, but they drop them on your roof, bang!!

Green Tree Frog Resident

Green Tree Frog Resident

Local Tree Snake checking me out!!

Local Tree Snake checking me out in the rain!!



There is also a whole range of critters to deal with, but that’s another blog post altogether…. coming soon



How do you handle the heat, humidity, rain, cold, dry?… Please leave a comment so we can all help each other out, and not only survive, but thrive in the tropics!!



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