This is Winter? Grey Nomads & Army on the move!

Hi guys,

Come along and help out a local identity

Come along and help out a local identity

This latest post is all about the great weather, and people on the move in our area... but something  important needs to precede that.

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine, local Calen identity, and all around good bloke, “Biscuits” had a devastating fall.

He is  recovering  in Townsville Hospital, after finally coming out of a coma.

The local community are rallying behind Biscuits  to help raise much needed funds  towards his recovery.

A social bowls day will be held at the St Helens Bowls Club on September 14,  2013

Everyone is  invited   to come along for what is sure to be  a great day, have a roll…(flash term for playing bowls!) enjoy a cold beer,  sausage sizzle, and raffles for your chance to win various donated goods and services.

See our  fantastic community spirit shining through, to help the angels listen, and  get our mate back on his feet again.

That’s what we do.. pitch in.. help out.  Its’s How We Roll !!

Please come on down…14th September. St Helens Bowls Club….(register for playing by 12th)

More  details here at the official event  Facebook page 

  I hope to see you there.

Now onto our Fantastic Winter Weather!

Warm Sunny Days... That's Tropical North Queensland Winter!!

Warm Sunny Days.

This time of the year we are greeted with sunny warm days, cool evenings, and the occasional  shower of rain, so the birds can have a drink, and the plants a wash off.

It does get a bit fresh as the sun starts to drop, but that is a nice change.

A chance to put some more clothes on, get out the Ugg Boots and have a few drinks by the fire.

Sit back and relax, watch the sun go down and the stars come out.

Grey Nomads On The Move !!

The migration is on.

Escape The Southern Winter!!

Escape The Southern Winter!!

 At this time of the year, our so-called Grey Nomads, hook up the caravan and escape the cold winter that is typical for our southern neighbours, and head north.

Kolijo is situated on the Bruce Highway. The main route heading north/south on the Qld coast line from Brisbane . The traffic increases dramatically, as caravan parks and boat ramps begin to fill up, and the traditional migration begins to get into full swing.

Many of these are retirees, living the freedom that comes after working hard, saving, and then heading off on much awaited adventures.

Well seasoned  Grey Nomads have a routine & people to catch up with from past visits.

Relationships that have blossomed over the years around the fire, boat ramps,  camp grounds, and highway stops. Insider info on where to  follow the best fishing, accommodation and many  other treasures discovered after years, sometimes decades in the winter migratory flock as it were.

Grey Nomads Relaxing

Grey Nomads Relaxing

Our Grey Nomads however also are changing… as the generations move and evolve, so it is that the “baby boomers” some of them free love, hippies, from the seventies are now joining the traditional  grey nomad’s migration.….

The traditional “Grey Nomads” seem to be a little  younger.  As the “Baby Boomer” generation begin to get that taste of freedom, we  see more and more heading off on the trek their Mum’s and Dad’s before them enjoyed.  A ritual, planned on being continued to as long as  their health allows.

60 being the new 50  and all that…Personally I’m of the 50 being the 40 brigade!

With all the new technology available these days, packing up and heading off has become an easier step to take. There are  a myriad of  ways to stay in touch with loved ones.

Facebook, Skype, email, Google earth, maps to name but a few. It seems the Grey Nomads and our older generations, are embracing these new technologies.  I know a few “older” people who are teaching me plenty of Techno Tricks!

The new opportunities to research  and plan ahead, record and share the journey, participate in  on-line courses, like art for instance, are endless.  It is even possible these days to be  in a position to work and earn an online living,  whilst still being on the move.

More and more people… be they True Grey Nomads or “wannabes” are heading out to see, feel, experience our country, meet new people, build long lasting memories and fulfill lifelong dreams. Oh and did i mention…  STAYING WARM!?

I love talking to, and watching  these guys..

Sharing the interesting fun places and people and experience’s they come across.. Hopefully…… and our fantastic area will be one such place they will also want to share with fellow travelers, and family members back home.

Recently I  was chatting to a fella at the St. Helens Gardens Tourist Park in Kolijo.

I had watched him pull up earlier in a pink bus… pale pink.. but it was pink… Peach he tried to tell me.      

“Do Men see different colours than  women?  This is not the first time. Their blue is clearly purple in my eyes… perhaps it is me?”

This lovely gentleman’s wife had passed away, and he was continuing their tradition of a yearly trek. This was his first time staying at Kolijo, and loved it…He  couldn’t believe they had driven past year after year.

 This Grey Nomad Won’t be driving past again !!

St. Helens Gardens Tourist Park  is a family run, dog friendly park, set in tropical gardens, high up on the banks of St Helens creek, just off the Bruce Highway.  Van sites, camping and cabins are available in  a truly  fantastic tropical setting!!

Recently, a few campers, the park owners and a couple of us neighbours  gathered around the communal fire and camp kitchen. Chatting away, relaxing,   watching the sunset over the creek, cane fields and Eungella range.     Beautiful!

Sunsets are glorious

Sunsets are glorious

The Grey Nomads aren’t the only ones out at the moment.

We have been a busy little area lately. As a main thoroughfare, we get to witness plenty of varying sites, at different times of the year.

The Army have also been on the move lately

Operation Saber, a bi-annual joint military exercise, training  with the U.S. in various locations, has meant our Army have been on the move!

Our army ....on the move

Our army ….on the move @ Kolijo

Travelling along the Bruce Highway are all sorts of vehicles, carrying troops, as well as …… useful stuff?!

 Watching  interesting sizes, shapes,  …

what the? oh it’s a cannon on a frog thingy…cool.

The Army guys and girls are usually happy for a wave, a chat or even pose for a pic or two during a quick pit stop along the way.

If you are travelling among the Grey Nomads, The Army or perhaps are one of them, please drive safe. Take your time. Have plenty of breaks in your journey and enjoy the winter sunshine, and hospitality along the way, whilst building  your own long lasting memories

Ugg Boots...Tropical North Qld Style

Ugg Boots…Tropical North Qld Style

Until  next time, wherever you are experiencing winter, perhaps you could grab yourself a pair of Tropical North Qld ugg boots!! And..Stay Warm.



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6 Responses to This is Winter? Grey Nomads & Army on the move!

  1. Lyn Olsen says:

    A wonderful blog yet again Leanne. I just found out one of my brothers, Ron, is packing up the Jayco and heading out to travel and paint for a few months, what a life, I bet he heads to wonderful Qld from cold old South Australia!

    • Leanne says:

      Thanks for your continued support Lyn. Sounds like your brother is a classic “Grey Nomad” I speak of in this blog post.

  2. shannon says:

    awasome as usual!! love tha audio 🙂

  3. brian-I am the dad !!!! says:

    great storyline again. is biscuits the kuttabull pub guy ~sounds a terrible thing to happen !!!!

    • Leanne says:

      No Dad. He is a Calen local. Yes awful but hopefully he will come good real soon. The Kuttabul pub guys you met are Frank & Butto

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