We Need A Walkway

St Helens Creek BridgeWalkway for Pedestrian Access Urgently Needed!



This is The Bruce Highway. The main Nth/Sth road on the Queensland’s East Coast. It is Highway A1 in Australia.

There are no entry and exit pathways and no safe path on the bridge. You can step up on the edge, but it is very narrow when walking across.

The truckies think that people on the bridge are crazy. I have heard them on the two way!!

This is why….


Many tourists and seasonal cane workers stay at the St Helens Gardens Tourist Park in Kolijo. Some walk over the bridge to Calen (North Side) under 1km to the post office, butchers, convenience store and newsagent, local hotel, strawberry stall when in season, electrical shop, bowls club…..or just to go for a nice walk. The views are fantastic looking over the river towards the Eungella range.

But they will probably only do it once!!

There are also quite a few people who walk or ride on this road for charity.

I wonder how they feel crossing this bridge?

The local Tennis Club is on the Kolijo side (South) of bridge and people have said they would love to be able to ride their pushbikes over from Calen for a spot of tennis, and netball, basketball to come thanks to the newly formed Calen District Progress & Sports Association.

Importantly a number of children live on the Kolijo side of the bridge, and attend Calen District College, which is on the other side of the bridge. Instead of the children being able to ride their pushbikes to school safely as they get older (kindy to High school) they either risk their life on the bridge daily, have parents drive them the just over 1km trip, or catch the bus. As they within a certain radius of the school, they have to pay for daily bus trips.

If there was a walkway/footbridge our whole community would benefit, tourists and travelers would also benefit from this safety upgrade to the Bruce Highway.

Of course I do not want to deter people from heading to this fantastic area.

This campaign is in response to feedback as part of the CDPSA survey results, general talk among locals, and personal attempts at crossing the bridge. We want this to be an even better place to live, work and play for visitors and locals alike.  More footpaths and this footbridge are a huge concern, so let’s have a go shall we?!

We don’t want to finally get the Government’s attention

because someone tragically was killed on this

bridge with no walkway.  

You can help us in our campaign to get the ball rolling, increase awareness, erect some signage, extend footpaths  and a of course have our much needed footbridge/walkway!

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****UPDATE…  22/1/2015

I received an email today from Tony Elgar from Dept of Main Roads and Transport.

“The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) is committed to improving the safety of the state-controlled road network and plans to install a sign on the bridge advising motorists to ‘Watch for cyclists and pedestrians’ (images attached). Installation of the sign will be added to TMR’s schedule of works.”

I would like to acknowledge and thank our Local Member Jason Costigan for following up on this matter, as per our meeting towards the end of 2014.

We are getting our signs!!! Step one is under way…

walkway sign

walkway sign walkway signsThanks for your input and support. Comments and engagement very welcome, and please do share on all social media.


Win Win!!!!!! Our signs are up 29/3/2015 Update

Kolijo walkway 2 kolijo walkway 3 kolijo walkway 4 kolijo walkway 5

Cheers, LeanneWalkways needed, I hope you can help us

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  1. Lyn Olsen says:

    Well done Calen Progress Association!

    • Leanne says:

      Thanks so much Lyn, we are working hard to try and help our local community, and all support is greatly appreciated!!

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