Wintermoon Festival 2013

Hello my friends,

Wintermoon is nearly upon us. This is our very own Music Festival in its 17th year, the first weekend in May.

St Helens Creek

Playing in the Pocket

In the tropical setting of Camerons Pocket, on the banks of St. Helens Creek. On the edge of Eungella National Park and just a few km inland from Calen is a perfect setting for locals and visitors alike to connect and celebrate together. A family atmosphere, with plenty of entertainment for adults and kids alike.

I’m taking my Dad from Adelaide this year. He wont know what hit him! I bet he will have a ball, and want to come back every year. Cant wait to see him eat the Hare Krishna Food. Knowing him he will be hassling them for the recipes, as he is really into cooking since he retired. I’m pretty sure they have a recipe book available.

Wow have you ever eaten Hare Krishna food at any festivals or markets? It truly is wonderful food, and cheap too! We had a dinner plate full of various offerings for only $10.


Check out Wintermoon’s fantastic web site here. You will feel the essence of the people, the music and  the scenery with a few short clicks.

All your camping and ticket details are available too


Wintermoon at Night

Bring your chairs and settle in.

Unfortunately I missed out last year. Somehow I messed up my dates and took holidays on the wrong weekend


 As it turned out It was a very sad time for our community.



The week before Wintermoon 2012 our Classic Old Pub, The Calen Hotel burned to the ground

Luckily no one was killed or injured, but the local cook, the owner’s son, and another guest were left homeless with only the clothes on their backs. Of course the owners were devastated. The timing could not have been worse, as this was always the busiest time of the year for the iconic pub.

Calen Hotel on Fire!!

Stunned locals and visitors watched in horror

Owners, Marie and Clarrie Giess are well known throughout the Wintermoon community.

Many of the bands and visitors alike make a regular Pilgrimage to collect their supplies, have a meal and catch up with the locals.

Alas, the pub is yet to be rebuilt in time for this years festival. However the machines have finally moved in and signs of progress lighten our hearts.

You have to drive past on the way to Wintermoon. Pull up and have a look. You will see Santa still sitting on a chair with his beers around him, waiting for the rebuild. A local larrican thought it would be funny to sneak into the grounds in the wee hours and set up Santa, complete with a sign. What a mystery. I was amazed when Marie and Clarrie said they thought I did it!!! Me?? Even our local paper came along for a look. Daily Mercury Newspaper.


Calen Pub's Santa

Calen Pub’s Santa

I am sure by next years festival the Calen Hotel in its new found glory will be waiting for everyone with open arms.

Will you be there this year? Come along and enjoy the fantastic vibe and energy that make Wintermoon so very special.


I will be the one in the rainbow hat. And yes I got my holidays approved for the right weekend this year!!

Cheers, Leanne

Happy Days at Wintermoon

Great times for everyone!!


Join us "Inside The Tribe."






Join us "Inside The Tribe."
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